Dancing with Gravity

   In Rolfing® Structural
   Integration and
   Movement Work

   As a Somatic
   Psychotherapy Tool

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The Original Tuning BoardTM

A Professional Quality Balancing Device
For Use in Rolfing® Structural Integration
And Movement Work

"I use my Tuning Board often with clients as a tool to promote integration. It improves their intrinsic responsiveness, awareness, connectedness, and motility. I’ve found it especially useful before and after sessions focused on support." (Boulder Rolfer Vivian Gettliffe)

  • Promotes the alignment of the feet, ankles, knees and hips in the vertical posture;
  • Increases the mobility and fluidity of the spine;
  • Improves grounding by increasing responsiveness of feet, ankles and lower legs;
  • Encourages the flow of movement and energy throughout the body;
  • The engraved directional design on top aids in spatial orienting exercises;
  • Excellent tool for improving weight distribution;
  • Promotes balance in structural integration, biomechanical and fitness training;
  • Centering and grounding are interwoven with movement;
  • The experience is that of a continual gentle dance with gravity.

  • Rolfers who participated in research on the Tuning Board reported that clients they worked with on the boards:

        - became more flexible or resilient;
        - felt that their sensory awareness increased;
        - experienced an improved sense of confidence;
        - exhibited spontaneous unconscious expressions of movement;
        - became better able to cope with stress;
        - became better able to cope with uncertainty;
        - experienced a positive effect on the imagination;
        - improved their abilities to self calm when anxious;

    See "The Tuning Board", an article by Darrell Sanchez, Ph.D. published in Structural Integration: the Journal of the Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado; June, 2004.

    Warning! The Original Tuning Board TM System is not a toy, and is by design an unstable surface. Until able to manage the system safely, always use a handrail or other support. For best foot, ankle, and lower leg responsiveness and to prevent slipping, use bare feet or “bare foot” style shoes with a non-slip surface. Make sure the Tuning Board’s surface and user’s feet are dry before using. Failure to exercise caution could result in injury. Read all warnings and safety instructions before using. Use at your own risk. Designer/Manufacturer is not liable for injuries resulting from use or misuse of this product.