Dancing with Gravity

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   Integration and
   Movement Work

   As a Somatic
   Psychotherapy Tool

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The Original Tuning BoardTM

A Psychokinesthetic Tool
For Use In Somatic Psychotherapy

"The Tuning Board promotes a conscious felt experience of the unity and integration of mind and body. It can be used to creatively transform deep psychological issues, including individual, relationship and generational processes."

Psychotherapists use the Tuning Board with their clients to:

Get Them in Their Bodies

  • Invite fuller embodiment and kinesthetic awareness;
  • Restore a client’s ability to use their own body as a primary resource;
  • Improve the ability of clients to self-calm when anxious.

Connect Them to Their World

  • Train clients to simultaneously maintain internal body awareness and groundedness while fully perceiving and being present in their environment;
  • Encourage clients to be aware of and enjoy the safety and wholeness of the present moment;

Unlock Hidden Information

  • Reveal traumatic fixations through movement;
  • Invite authentic movement and archetypal expression to reveal and release obstructions;
  • Access the whole person through engagement with information held in postures and movement patterns;

Invite Transformative Movement

  • Restore the flow of movement and energy through the body and whole person;
  • Help clients become more flexible and resilient;
  • Encourage creativity and increase confidence through the somatic integration of....
             stability and movement;
             tension and release
             discomfort and flow;

For more on the Tuning Board’s use as a psychokinesthetic tool for therapists, see these excerpts from "Relative Balance in an Unstable World: A Search for New Models for Trauma Education and Recovery" by traumatologist Anngwyn St. Just.

Warning! The Original Tuning Board TM System is not a toy, and is by design an unstable surface. Until able to manage the system safely, always use a handrail or other support. For best foot, ankle, and lower leg responsiveness and to prevent slipping, use bare feet or “bare foot” style shoes with a non-slip surface. Make sure the Tuning Board’s surface and user’s feet are dry before using. Failure to exercise caution could result in injury. Read all warnings and safety instructions before using. Use at your own risk. Designer/Manufacturer is not liable for injuries resulting from use or misuse of this product.